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"Summer wind accompanied the fragments of sound from the bell inside of the church. The tangent line woke up, but its world had been turned upside down after thousands of years. It started soaring downward, through the floors, the earth, to do something–maybe to kiss the moon? Nobody knows! It doesn’t matter. The important thing was that, as the teacher stated through her misshapen teeth, it was a tangent formula. At once I woke up from this fantastical day dream. I saw a beautiful curve that looked nothing like the trees, the smiles, the buildings, or the people. It was just a simple line with two small curves near the origin of the coordinate plane. It extended up and down forever. Why does a tangent line look like this? Where is it going exactly? " The full story is publised at Or Does It Explode.

The prints that visualize a sequence of movement of a set of equations. Those samples are wood block prints, with its wood plate; Each print is a one digit combination of the data set. More pieces can be found on Artsy. Review at NY-ArtNews.