5 you and  is an example of a Reasonless Math experiment. It is based upon the mental image of the soaring tangent line, although the two visualizations are subject to the following parametric [1] equation:
y = [r*(1+cos(1*(time1)+time2)]* sin(3*(time1+time2)): 
x= [r*(1+cos(1*(time1)+time2])* cos(3*(time1+time2));

The structure of "5 you and" indicates only one difference between the x and y functions: y has the multiplication of sine, while x has the multiplication of cosine. In analytical geometry, one way to express a perfect circle in a coordinate system is to have the point P(x,y) where x=sin(t), y=cos(t). Therefore, in order to generate a circle-like visualization (static or mobile) within the parametric functions of "5 you and", the structures of x and y were designed by multiplying by sine in y and by cosine in x. The figure on the lower right displays the result of this operation. 














5 you and, data set on woodplate. 17.5 x 17.5 in. 2014.


9 data sets were being picked from the base algorism, then lazer cut onto the woodblock. This woold block was being used to print the data, also it was my experiment to express code onto something tangible and alive.