Music Notes

This series is created with cardioid equations ( x = r∙[2∙sine(t)+sine(2∙t)] , y = r∙[2∙cosine(t)+cosine(2∙t)] ) , and Fast Four Transform (FFT)

The Story of Music Notes

While attending grad school at NYU, I also took piano classes. I liked learning Baroque pieces. When those pieces were originally composed, the piano didn’t exist yet, and they were primarily written for a harpsichord which doesn’t allow for much tonality. Now they are mostly being played on the piano that allowed for endless expression. My piano teacher loved to discuss how we wanted to play the notes. At the same time, I was taking classes on Algorithm Research and Data Visualization. Those piano lessons inspired me to create Music note series. Music Notes explores how computation can bring dynamic movements to parametric equations.

Later on, I produced few wood block prints to capture the notes of those visualized forms. For me, they are like a photograph of dance moments—you feel the motion, but the image is still and silent. The complete story is published at Interalia Magazine.

The followings are few samples from this series. They have been showed in many places including JanKossen Contemporary Art Gallery and Caelum Gallery, Chelsea, New York. More pieces can be found on ArtsyReviews at  Made In Mind Magazine.

This video art piece is commissioned by UP YOUTH Group exhibition, Times Art Museum, GUOMAO, Beijing, China, June - August, 2016.