x = r∙[2∙sine(t)+sine(2∙t)] 
y = r∙[2∙cosine(t)+cosine(2∙t)]

The Parametric Courante Project is an exploration of trigonometry on the cardioid function and the resulting sensuous, life-like imaginations. It precipitates inquiries into the intuition shared between the abstract language of mathematics and the organic craftsmanship of art-making. Its goal is to convey the sense of abstract communication, much as the kind described by artist Engel Jules, who states, "My work is abstract, but it contains an organic element that brings people close to their inner feelings. It doesn't'explain'; within feeling, one can discover answers."



A fast Fourier transform (FFT) visualization testing for music performance. program the equation that takes  FFT input and populate the visulization dynamically.  The flowing is how you would map FFT sound to a PI enviroment and opreate accordinatly.  

  in=minim.getLineIn(Minim.STEREO,712) // get mini
  // create a loop/array that is the size of the arrange of the sound.
  for(int i = 0; int i = 0; i
         float ri=radians(i);
        // map/scale the range of the sound to the range of TWO_PI/ a whole cricle.

        //asign the range to the mathematical equation for creative output.
        float sound_x=dy*sin(ri)-sin(2*ri);
        float sound_y=dy*cos(ri+PI/2)-tan(2*ri+PI/2);
        float soundx=in.left.get(i)*3;
        float soundy=in.right.get(i)*3;


Music Note #1 # 2 woodblock prints, 30x25 in. 2014. 

Music Note#1 #2 , are  the segment of music visualization based on the equation that I designed, inspired by the Cardioid Equation.